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Dear community administrator,

On Tuesday the 10th of December we will be upgrading the Cyclos 4 communities to the latest version. This will involve a period of downtime of approximately 2 hours during which the communities services will not be available.

Maintenance start: Tuesday 12:00 GMT 10th of December 2013
Maintenance end: Tuesday 14:00 GMT 10th of December 2013

The Cyclos version 4.0.3 has various fixes, improvements and new features.
Below follows a short overview of the new features and improvements.

A new ‘Map’ option in the search result list for the ‘Search Users’ and ‘Search advertisements’ will show a (Google) Map with the results on the Map. Addresses that are set as ‘hidden’ by the user won’t show up in the Map.

Both User and Advertisement search have now a ‘distance’ filter option. With this filter you can select a distance range calculated from your address(es). This distance filter allows users to find advertisements, businesses or other users near their location.

SMS banking
  • Choose your own SMS gateway provider.
  • SMS notifications (new channel option next to e-mail and internal notifications).
  • SMS Banking operations: Payment, Account information, Payment details, payment confirmations (custom SMS operations supported).
  • Enable SMS banking per registered Cyclos phone (verification code sent by SMS).
  • Info texts. When a user sends an SMS with a keyword Cyclos will return a text message configured for the keyword that was sent. For example, an SMS with the word ‘promotion’ will return a promotional text.

Improved payment authorizations
It is now easier to require authorization (by admin or broker) for specific payments.
The end user has now one quick overview with all authorizations and related payments.

Multiple domains per community
It is now possible to configure multiple domains within a community (per group or groupset).
A domain is defined in a the configuration page. This means that for each domain can have their own pages, layout, business rules, accounts etc.
* Domains can only be changed or added by a Cyclos support administrator.

Improved content management
All content items (Menus, Banners, Pages) can be accessed and modified from a single comprehensible page.

Improved security
It is possible to restrict user access by IP address per access channel (e.g. Web, SMS) in the configuration. This means for example that you can permit only admin or web service access via specific (fixed) IP addresses.

Improved administration manual
The administration manual has been updated with a complete description of the functional structure and all Cyclos modules/features. The user and administration manual can be edited as a content item.

Improved user management
  • Administrators can now view all connected users.
  • Administrators can disconnect, disable/enable, block/unblock and remove users directly from the profile.
  • It is possible to set a default status for a group. This makes it for example possible to put users that registered themselves in a disabled status (admin can activate the user after verification of user information).

Mobile app (coming soon)
  • Android and iOS.
  • Modern look and feel, fully resizable (works well on small phones as tablets).
  • Customizable logo, entry page, icons, colors.
  • Add menu items and content pages in App.
  • As all customizations can be done directly in Cyclos, it is not necessary to customize code and deploy apps at the app stores.
  • The mobile app can connect to a single network/community, or a sub network/community (which can have their own URL path or domain). This way you can provide a different
  • mobile layout and content pages, and (optionally) different operations and conditions for specific user groups.
  • The mobile app will work ‘out of the box’ for all Cyclos 4 communities. Users can just download the app and start to trade via Mobile app with the same user/password.

A complete feature list of Cyclos4 can be found here. All new functions are thoroughly tested, in case you encounter any issue, you can report them at our forum.

For more information about Cyclos and the Social Trade Organisation, please visit:

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